Predator's Arsenal


Cost: --
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

One of the most unnerving aspects of the Homid shape is its lack of proper weapons. This Gift remedies that problem (while retaining much of the Homid shape's ability to blend in with the human world), granting the Garou battle-ready claws and teeth in Homid form. It is taught by a wolf-spirit.

The werewolf gains access to bite and claw attacks in Homid form for the rest of the scene, or until she dismisses the transformation. These attacks inflict lethal rather than aggravated damage and may be concealed by simple expediencies such as the werewolf keeping her mouth closed, wearing long sleeves, or keeping her hands in her pockets. She can even speak normally without giving herself away, as long as she's careful not to open her mouth too wide or smile so that her teeth show, although her voice sounds rough and a bit distorted (attempting to discern that there's something amiss with a Garou taking such precautions requires a Wits + Composure + Wisdom roll -2).

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