Wisdom •••••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Sickle Moon

Cost: Essence equal to the maximum Rank of spirit to be affected
Duration: 1 scene; can be extended for an additional 1 Essence per scene
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult + Wisdom
Action: Extended (10 successes; each roll represents 1 minute)

The Ithaeur opens the spiritual font of her Essence and reaches out with her consciousness. She leashes the denizens of the Shadow to serve as her eyes and ears.

Dramatic Failure: The Ithaeur’s senses are overloaded and she gains the Confused Condition.
Failure: The Ithaeur accumulates no successes and gains the Stumbled Condition.
Success: The Ithaeur accumulates successes. If the target is met, the Ithaeur immediately becomes aware of all spirits of up to the maximum Rank targeted within Wisdom Renown x 100 yards, and suffers a –3 penalty to her own Perception rolls for the Facet’s duration. The Ithaeur gains a rough indication of what each spirit perceives, whether they are in combat or injured, and so forth. As an Instant action, the Ithaeur may focus on a single spirit and fully immerse herself in (or withdraw from) that spirit’s senses. This blocks out her own senses and those of the other spirits in the panopticon. She perceives everything that the spirit does with perfect clarity, and may spend a point of Essence to apply a penalty equal to her Wisdom Renown to all single Perception rolls that the spirit makes for one scene.
Exceptional Success: The Ithaeur suffers no penalty to Perception from the Facet.

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