Pack Kin


Shadow Gift: Gift of Nature

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: Presence + Animal Ken + Purity
Action: Extended (5 successes; each roll represents 30 minutes)

This Facet calls to the hunter’s instincts in a predatory animal, forging a bond with the Uratha.

With this Facet, the Uratha can bring a predatory animal into the pack, rendering it a full and loyal packmate. The target animal must at least tolerate the Uratha’s presence and not be hostile; the Beast Speaker Hunting Facet may help with achieving this.

Dramatic Failure: The beast becomes scared and angered, turning hostile to the Uratha and ending the Facet.
Failure: No successes are gained, and the Uratha gains the Stumbled Condition.
Success: Successes are gained. If the target is hit, the animal is bound to the pack. It is now permanently a full packmate and benefits from the following additional effects:

* It can understand any command given to it by any pack member.
* It is extremely loyal to the pack, and will willingly follow any command given by a pack member that is not obviously self-destructive.
* It gains a +3 bonus to resist all mind-affecting supernatural powers and Conditions originating from outside the pack.

The Uratha may have up to his Purity Renown in predators added to the pack at any one time. Multiple Uratha with Pack Kin can each add their own group of predators to the pack.
Exceptional Success: The animal’s spiritual connection with the pack is deep. Any Facets that cost Essence for each packmate targeted can include the animal as a target for free. It also gains the Open Condition, but only for the pack’s totem spirit.

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