One Step Ahead


Shadow Gift: Gift of Insight

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

Wherever the prey runs, wherever they flee, the predator is always one step ahead.

When using this Facet, the Uratha must be able to perceive his prey, the building or location that they are currently within, or a map of an area on which the prey’s current location is marked. He gains insight into what the prey’s likely next steps will be on the scale in which he is observing, particularly in terms of the hunt. In person, he can tell which exit the prey might run for in the room, or where her patrol or ambling walk will take her. When observing a building or bolthole, he can tell which exit she will come out of if alarmed, flushed, or lured out. On the scale of a map, he gains an impression of to where she will attempt to flee or travel. The Facet provides information on the basis of current events and can become out-dated if the situation changes dramatically.

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