Incite Fury


Shadow Gift: Gift of Rage

Cost: 2 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Subterfuge + Cunning versus Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Instant

It's easy to goad the prey into foolish rage when the tongue has a supernatural sting to it.

This Gift may be used against a single target that the Garou can perceive and who can hear the mocking or challenging snarl that he gives.

Dramatic Failure The Garou enters Soft Frenzy.
Failure The Gift has no effect.
Success If the prey is a Garou, she enters Soft Frenzy. Humans and other supernatural beings gain the Berserk Condition. A Garou can only be targeted with this Gift once per scene, after which her rage tamps down against outside influence.
Exceptional Success The Garou adds his Cunning to his next dice pool to resist Frenzy in the scene.

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