Hit And Run


Shadow Gift: Gift of Evasion

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth + Purity versus Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Reflexive

This Facet can be used to interrupt an attack action that is aimed at the Uratha. Before the action is taken, the Uratha may immediately disengage and move up to her full Speed away. This alone may foil an attack, but if she is able to move to a location that takes her out of line-of-sight of all of her prey, she then rolls the Facet's dice pool against the highest Composure of those prey who could previously see her. The Uratha can only interrupt one action per turn in this way.

Dramatic Failure The prey know exactly where the Uratha has fled to, and gain a +2 bonus to resist all further attempts by the Uratha to use this Facet or any other method of deceiving them for the remainder of the scene.
Failure The Facet has no further effect.
Success The prey utterly lose track of the Uratha’s current position. Enemies with Composure equal to or fewer than successes achieved are affected by the Shadow Paranoia Condition for turns equal to the werewolf’s Purity Renown.
Exceptional Success Not only does the Uratha evade the foe, she may also immediately move her Speed again.

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