Shadow Gift: Gift of Technology

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Cunning - Composure
Action: Instant

This Gift can be used against a character whom the Garou can perceive.

Dramatic Failure The first time the prey uses a technological device that should give him an equipment bonus, he suffers a dramatic failure.
Failure The Gift fails.
Success Technology turns against the victim, to the benefit of the Garou. An elevator that he gets into lets him off at the floor the werewolf chooses, not the one that he intended. Phone calls seem to get through, but it's a spirit speaking rather than a real human; it whispers lies and misdirections to him. Emails and text messages carry conspiratorial and cryptic utterances or horrible viruses, not their original content. The prey cannot trust any technological device to do what he wants or tell him the truth.
Exceptional Success The victim finds all technology becomes remarkably effective, gaining a +1 equipment bonus from any technological item he uses for the rest of the scene.

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