Fog Of War


Shadow Gift: Gift of Evasion

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Wits + Subterfuge + Glory versus Composure + Primal Urge
Action: Reflexive

This Facet causes the delivery of something specific to reach the wrong target. It could be a bullet fired from a gun, a text message, a bunch of flowers, or a package. Fog of War only works when there is enough ambient activity and confusion present that the mistake could be a legitimate one — a distraction causing a wrong key press, the confusion of battle resulting in a tragic mistake, the bustle of a sorting office, and so forth. Whoever is delivering the object resists the Facet — the sniper, deliveryman, or the woman who just sent that text to her fellow monster-hunters about seeing a werewolf.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. She cannot willingly give any of her possessions to another for the Condition’s duration.
Failure: The Facet fails to work.
Success: If used against a ranged attack, Fog of War causes the attack to switch to another target within a number of yards of the original equal to the Uratha’s Glory Renown. The attacker then rolls his dice pool with appropriate modifiers for the new target’s circumstances. If used on a less lethal form of delivery, the object will be given to the wrong person through an unfortunate happenstance. If the werewolf spends a point of Essence, she may choose the new recipient for the item, as long as it is vaguely probable given the means of delivery. A package might end up in the hands of another tenant in the same block, or possibly in the Uratha’s own hands if she positions herself in the lobby at the right time.

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