Eyes of the Dead


Shadow Gift: Gift of Death

Cost: 1 Essence
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Wisdom
Action: Instant

The Uratha can use this Facet on any remains — human or otherwise — that still possess eyes. The eyes do not need to be totally intact, but they must be present. The state of the rest of the corpse is irrelevant.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha is overwhelmed with the cold touch of death and gains the Ban Condition. She cannot look directly into the eyes of another for the Condition’s duration.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: The Uratha gains a vision of the last thing the victim saw before he died in clear detail. She also gets an impression of what he was feeling at the time (pain, fear, confusion etc.). If she sees any people in the image, she gets a sense of how the victim felt about that person in general and the person’s name, if the victim knew it.
Exceptional Success: The Uratha gains the victim’s memories leading up to his death, imparting a vision of the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown in minutes’ length.

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