Shadow Gift: Gift of Dream

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 day per success
Dice Pool: Presence + Performance + Glory vs Resolve + Composure (if unwilling)
Action: Instant

The dreamscape is a reflection of a person's psyche, and those who know how to mold the dreamscape can also mold the Dreamer. By sleeping alongside the target, the Garou can affect them in such a way as to alter their personalities or natural abilities. But this change always comes with a cost.

For this Gift to take effect, the Garou must sleep an entire night alongside the target. If she fails her roll, the attempt is wasted and she must wait until the next night to try again.

Dramatic Failure The Garou loses control of the dream, and her machinations turn on her instead. She gains the Shaken condition.
Failure The Garou fails to leave an impression on the target.
Success The Garou raises one of the target's attributes by 1, and lowers another of their attributes by 1. This Gift cannot lower any attribute below 1 or raise any attribute above that character's max (usually 5).
Exceptional Success The Garou can also raise two of the target's skills by one. This cannot raise a Skill above 5.

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