Dream Hunter

Glory •••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Gibbous Moon

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene per success
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Glory versus Composure + Primal Urge (when invading the prey’s dreams)
Action: Contested

It doesn’t matter that the prey hides behind thick walls. It doesn’t matter how many guards and traps they have set between themselves and their hunters. When they sleep, when they dream, it is then that the Galliard comes for them.

Upon activating this Gift, the Galliard becomes attuned to the waking state of her target. Should her target fall into deep, dreaming sleep, the Galliard immediately becomes aware. She may attempt to fall asleep naturally, meditate herself to sleep, or spend 1 Essence to immediately slumber. She then tracks down the target’s mind in the moonlit dreamscape that her dream-self prowls.

Dramatic Failure: The Galliard loses herself in strange, alien dreams of sky and moon, gaining the Exhausted Condition when she wakes.
Failure: The Galliard fails to track down the dreams of the target, and awakens. She may not try again until the target has woken and then returned to sleep once more.
Success: The Galliard follows the dream-spoor of her target into his subconscious. The prey experiences this as a terrifying target that flits through his dreams, and he will remember this when he awakens. The Galliard may choose one of the following effects:

* Dreams become predatory nightmares, forcing the target awake. He regains no Willpower from resting, and gains the Exhausted Condition.
* The Galliard maintains a distant but unnerving presence that plants the seeds of fear, inflicting the Paranoid Condition on the target when he awakens.
* The target’s dreams are shaped with Essence, rendering him an inviting target for spirits. He gains the Open Condition.
* The Galliard hunts through the dream for fragmentary thought-beasts and figments, discovering one of the following about the target: roughly where the target is in the physical world, his Vice and Virtue, any steps he is taking to try to protect himself from the hunt, an impression of his immediate surroundings.
Exceptional Success: The Galliard awakens refreshed and reinvigorated, regaining one spent Willpower point.

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