Crimson Spasm

Purity •••••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Full Moon

Cost: 1 Essence per turn
Duration: --
Dice Pool: Stamina + Survival + Purity
Action: Instant

The Rahu lets the full and primal lunacy of the Moon fill him with quicksilver rage. His flesh buckles, warps, and spasms as it twists into a primal form of destruction.

Dramatic Failure: The Rahu loses control of the raw lunar power pouring into him. This counts as a breaking point towards Spirit and the Rahu involuntarily shifts into another form.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: Each success allows the Rahu to add two dots to Strength or Stamina, to add a point of general armor, or to increase the lethal damage done by his natural weapons by +1. These benefits stack on top of those granted by other Facets and forms. The Spasm lasts as long as the Rahu fuels it by paying 1 Essence each turn. If the Rahu uses this Facet while in Hishu or Urhan, he will cause Lunacy in that form as if he were in Dalu.
Exceptional Success: The Rahu also regenerates a point of lethal damage for free every turn he fuels the Spasm.

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