Command Artifice


Shadow Gift: Gift of Technology

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Honor
Action: Instant

A mere whisper with this Facet, threaded with urging Essence, and technology leaps to comply.

This Facet targets a single technological device that the Uratha can perceive.

Dramatic Failure: The device breaks irreparably. This Facet cannot be used on it again.
Failure: The Facet fails.
Success: The Uratha speaks a one-sentence command and the device obeys if possible. Even if it is malfunctioning or broken in a minor way, it will carry out the command. A command of “sleep” will render the device inert for up to the Uratha’s Honor Renown in hours, during which time it will not work at all.
Exceptional Success: The Uratha may give a more complex command, including conditions or triggers for the device to react to.

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