Cold Embrace


Shadow Gift: Gift of Death

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 turn per success
Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine + Cunning
Action: Instant

With this Facet, the Uratha embraces the chill of the grave to still the beat of her heart. Her flesh grows cold. To all intents and purposes, she appears dead.

Dramatic Failure The Uratha brings herself too close to death, and suffers one point of aggravated damage.
Failure The Uratha fails to still her body’s vital signs.
Success The Uratha successfully stills her body’s vital signs. She appears to be freshly dead, displaying no pulse or respiration, and her natural regeneration ceases for the duration. Wounds clot and the body displays all the signs of being a corpse.

An Uratha can act while affected by Cold Embrace.

Any being with the ability to detect pulse and vital signs will likely interpret her as being an undead creature, perhaps a vampire or other revenant. Acting while the spark of life has been quenched imposes a penalty on all actions equal to (5 - Cunning Renown).
Exceptional Success The Uratha’s morbid flesh also becomes more resilient, reducing all damage she suffers by one.

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