Cloak Of Mist And Haze


Shadow Gift: Gift of Weather

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 hour per success
Dice Pool: Dexterity + Stealth + Cunning
Action: Extended (5 successes; each roll represents 1 minute)

The Uratha howls up a haze that cloys the air and muffles sound — the perfect cloak for a predator’s hunt.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. He desires silence and refuses to speak.
Failure: The Uratha accumulates no successes and gains the Stumbled Condition.
Success: Successes are accumulated. If the target is met, a clouding haze descends across the area. Depending on the local climate, this may be a thick mist, or a dust- or sand-storm. All aural and visual Perception rolls and ranged attack rolls under the effect of this haze suffer a penalty equal to the Uratha’s Cunning Renown.
Exceptional Success: The haze is so dense that characters caught in it can barely see beyond the reach of their arms. A successful roll of Wits + Survival – Cunning Renown is necessary to avoid getting lost while in the affected area.

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