Shadow Gift: Gift of Elementals

Cost: 5 Essence per level of Influence being used.
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Presence + Survival + Glory
Action: Extended (15 successes; each roll represents 1 hour)

The Uratha can call down cataclysmic levels of elemental destruction.

This Facet is used in conjunction with the Influence granted by another Elemental Facet, augmenting the Influence on a drastic scale. An Uratha who possesses this facet is also unaffected by the Catastrophe-augmented Influences of other Uratha. She can stride down burning streets unharmed or face down the wielder of a howling gale almost untouched by the winds.

Dramatic Failure: The Uratha suffers the Essence Overload Condition.
Failure: No successes are acquired, and the Uratha gains the Stumbled Condition.
Success: Successes are gained. If the target number of successes is hit, the Influence is unleashed on a massive scale, affecting an area of a radius in miles equal to twice the Uratha’s Glory Renown. Even minor manifestations of elemental power can be catastrophic on this scale, from floods to out-of-control blazes.
Exceptional Success: The Uratha is infused with raw elemental power. She can use any of her Elemental Facets’ Influences at no cost in Essence for the next day, although further uses of Catastrophe still cost Essence as normal.

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