Purity ••••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Full Moon

Cost: 2 Essence
Duration: 1 turn per success
Dice Pool: Wits + Brawl + Purity
Action: Reflexive

Girded with this Facet, the Rahu exults when faced with many foes. It’s a chance to paint the scene red with slaughter.

Dramatic Failure: The blood-hungry Rahu overextends himself. His Defense becomes 0 for one turn, during which he cannot take actions that would involve giving up his Defense.
Failure: The Facet has no effect.
Success: For the duration of the Facet and as long as the Rahu is engaging more than one enemy, whenever the Rahu hits a foe with an unarmed attack (including teeth and claws), or is hit by a foe, he may apply one of the following Tilts to it regardless of whether the attack deals any damage:
Arm Wrack, Blinded, Deafened, Knocked Down, Leg Wrack.
Whenever the Rahu takes an enemy out of the fight by killing it or rendering it incapacitated, the duration of Butchery is extended by a single turn.
Exceptional Success: The Rahu inflicts three of the Tilts against the first enemy who strikes or is struck by him after activating the Facet.

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