Brother's Scent


Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 scene
Dice Pool: Presence + Empathy + Cunning - Resolve
Action: Instant

Drawing upon the unviersal brotherhood of all creatures of Gaia, the werewolf seems to fit in wherever he goes. Those given no reason to suspect the Child's presence simply overlook her. A servant of Unicorn teaches this Gift.

All individuals not specifically on guard against intruders overlook any incongruity in the Garou's appearance — for example, a naked man covered in blood and carrying a grand klaive walking through a high-society ball would draw no particular notice, nor would a wolf wandering through a residential neighborhood.

The Garou isn't invisible, he simply doesn't stand out when he otherwise should, and his appearance is considered unremarkable even when he's interacted with. If the werewolf's actions alone wold draw attention to himself (shouting, starting a fight, attempting to kick down a locked door) the Gift's illusion is immediately broken.

Those specifically on the lookout for individuals who don't belong (security guards at a private facility, for example) don't succumb to this Gift unless their Willpower is lower than the Garou's successes on the activation roll.

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