Boundary Ward


Shadow Gift: Gift of Warding

Cost: 5 Essence
Duration: 1 month
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

The wolf must watch his borders for those who would befoul his territory.

This Facet affects all or part of a single structure, or an area of up to the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown x 100 yards in radius. The area can be increased to up to Wisdom Renown in miles if used within the pack’s territory. The Uratha designates a type of being — humans, Uratha, Claimed, Hosts, spirits in Twilight, or other supernatural beings — which the ward detects when they enter its area. The Uratha senses this as a tingling within his mind along with a notion of the specific area where the border was crossed, although the ward does not track them once they’re inside the area. Obviously, setting up a Boundary Ward to detect humans in the middle of a city will rapidly result in a headache and a constant deluge of nonsense information.

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