Black Earth, Red Hunger


Shadow Gift: Gift of Nature

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: --
Dice Pool: --
Action: Instant

Feed the hungry earth with blood and Essence, and reap its red harvest.

A riotous eruption of vegetation tears up from the ground where the Uratha spatters a few droplets of her blood — or the blood of someone else. Over the course of a minute, the plant growth fills an area of up to 10 x the werewolf’s Glory Renown yards in radius. This rampant growth can be guided as the Uratha wishes, sending vines climbing up a wall, filling the area with a thicket of thorns, calling up a maze of unruly hedges, or causing new trees to burst upwards. Any dead bodies within the area when this Facet is used are utterly consumed by plants, moss, and fungus, leaving not even bones behind.

Until the next sunrise, the Uratha is perfectly aware of the presence of all creatures with a heartbeat within the overgrown area, as well as creatures that lack a heartbeat but are bleeding. During any turn when another creature suffers an injury within the area and resultantly spills blood amidst the plants, the Uratha’s regeneration heals lethal damage without having to pay Essence.

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