Binding Oath

Honor ••

Moon Gift: Gift of the Half Moon

Cost: 1 Essence
Duration: 1 Month
Dice Pool: Resolve + Persuasion + Honor versus Resolve + Primal Urge
Action: Contested

The Elodoth can use this Facet as part of a binding oath on an agreement between two parties. He may be one of the agreeing parties, or may oversee the pact for others. Sealing the oath requires a symbolic act from those swearing to it — such as signing a document or cutting palms and shaking hands. Usually this oath is voluntarily taken but, when an Elodoth attempts to trick another into such an agreement, the victim of the subterfuge subconsciously attempts to resist the roll.

Dramatic Failure: The Elodoth’s will is not strong enough to bind the oath, and breaking it proves the strength of those whom he would have chained. The first party to break the oath regains two spent Willpower points.
Failure: The Elodoth fails to bind the parties to the oath.
Success: The Elodoth’s will binds both parties. Any attempts to break the oath by either party must fight against the Facet’s power. An action that would break the oath, even unknowingly, suffers a penalty to its dice pool equal to the Elodoth’s Honor Renown. This penalty represents circumstances conspiring against the would-be oathbreaker as the world flings obstacles in their path.
Exceptional Success: The Elodoth becomes immediately aware if the oath is broken, and by which party.

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