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Here is a forum for storytellers and newspassers to use. Instead of having to gather people together to tell them a story or run around tapping everyone for a bit of news, you are free to do so here instead, so everyone can be involved!

How To!

Say there is a Galliard who like to have a story moot, perhaps to tell the tale of a battle or something like that. The player would post a thread here with OOC info (where/when they are telling this story in character), and the in character story that they want to tell.

Other players will them reply with IC reactions or just to note that their character was present. But this also functions as a way to say that a story could be passed around ICly, so any character to say that they heard the story through second or third hand accounts as well.

This same thing could go for important news bits that could spread through the characters. A player can make a post with OOC Info and IC info and others can assume to have heard it directly (via posting to the thread) or indirectly as the news is assumed to have spread.

This will allow people to RP about having heard the stories and news, without anyone being left out because of timing or anyone having to do ten scenes about the same news just to get it out there.

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Here is a place for all Rites and Moots to take place, rather than on the mush itself. It allows for everyone to be involved regardless of time constraints or time zone. It also will hopefully make the process of rites a little smoother, so people can RP about the rites while still allowing a Ritemaster to build an intriguing rite for people to enjoy.

How To:
A Ritemaster will make a thread here in this forum, with an opening post that has OOC Info about the rite (what characters would be doing or contributing, what the effects are, what day it's meant to take place and a direction for players to sign up their characters by a certain date/time) and the IC actions they are taking as a ritemaster and the mystical whatnot that is involved.

Players will reply to this post saying that their character was involved and any extra details (like, how much essence they're contributing or wounds taken or whatever the Rite requires). Then the player can assume that on the day of the rite, their character was involved, has the effects of the rite and can RP as if they had been there for the rite.

For Moots, there will be a 'Planning' post, if needed, to fill roles for the moot. Players are encouraged to add any old business/new business they want to bring up at the moot.

Then, the planner of the moot will make a post with OOC info (IC date and event syllabus so people know if and when they need to post) and the IC moot opening and mystical whatnot. Posts will follow for Moot Positions and any other business like challenges or news or any IC Moot happenings.

Players can reply to note that their character was present and any reactions they had or if they had business/news/etc to bring up. And then they are free to RP as if they had been present for this event!

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