Works The Back Alleys

The thief, the burglar, the pickpocket: these are the dangerous individuals who haunt the back alleys of every community. You are a thief in a city or town, making your livelihood at the expense of the wealthy. Your talents, however, prepare you for all kinds of pursuits, even when you're not crouching in an alley or climbing into a window. Usually, you dress to blend in with the crowd. When you're on a mission, black, form-ftting clothing allows you to swim in the shadows.

Most thieves are Humans, but Kinfolk make interesting burglars as well. A Garou thief likely adds a little more physicality to his crimes.

Connection: Pick one other PC. The character knew you beforehand and convinced you to leave your life of crime for other pursuits — at least temporarily.

Additional Equipment: You start with a bag of light tools.

Minor Effect Suggestions: You can immediately attempt to hide after this action.

Major Effect Suggestions: You can immediately take a second action during this turn.

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