Works Miracles

You manipulate matter and time to help others and are beloved by everyone you encounter. Some people consider you a representative of the gods or a power from beyond this world. Perhaps they're right — transdimensional experiments in the prior worlds might be what created the energies that you now wield.

You probably wear simple clothes — nothing too flashy or stylish. There's no need to call more attention to yourself.

Kinfolk are the likeliest miracle workers, using their mental fortitude to focus the power of healing. A Garou who can heal himself, though, is an interesting and dangerous proposition.

Connection: Pick one other PC. This character quietly suspects that you're a messiah or supernatural being. You can choose whether or not you're aware of his suspicion.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The target is healed for 1 additional point.

Major Effect Suggestions: The target is healed for 2 additional points.

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