Wields Two Weapons At Once

You bear steel with both hands, ready to take on any foe. You fight with two weapons in melee, sometimes called dual wielding. A fearsome warrior, quick and strong, you believe that the best defense is a strong offense.

You probably sheathe one weapon on each side or both crossed behind your back. They are likely your most prized possessions, and you might have names for them.

Many Garou and Humans train to fight with two weapons at once. Very rarely would a Kinfolk spend the time required to learn such a purely physical art, but it's possible.

Connection: Pick one other PC. You have trained with this character so much that if the two of you stand back to back in a fight, you both gain a +1 bonus to Speed defense tasks.

Additional Equipment: You start with an additional light melee weapon.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The target is intimidated and flees as its next action.

Major Effect Suggestions: You can make an immediate additional attack with one of your weapons.

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