Wields Power With Precision

Not only are you blessed with a great command of spirit magic, but you are also trained to exploit esoteries in ways that elevate you above other Kinfolk and Humans. Some people believe that those who perform esoteries are born with the ability, but you know that skill and intelligence play important roles. To properly understand the way the spirits work requires knowledge, discovery, and intellect, and to use them properly, you must follow a rigorous path.

You probably wear spectacles and dapper outfits, carrying extra books, notebooks, and pens so you can continually focus on your studies and experiments. Kinfolk usually receive this instruction and focus, but some Humans do as well. Garou never do.

Connection: Pick one other PC. You've placed an immutable, one-time ward that renders her immune to the esoteries you perform unless she wants to be affected.

Additional Equipment: You have an additional book on the subject of spirits.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The esotery overwhelms and dazzles the target for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

Major Effect Suggestions: The esotery terrifies the target, who uses its next two turns to flee.

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