Wears A Sheen Of Ice

Through your studies, you have learned to focus your natural talents to command the powers of ice and cold. People might refer to you as an ice mage. Sometimes ice mages are thought to come into conflict with those known as fire mages, but this is a fallacy believed by ordinary folks more than anything based in truth.

You likely wear white or blue garments that are heavier than they need to be — unless you live in a cold region or wintry clime, in which case you probably wear less clothing than other people do because the cold doesn't bother you.

Most ice mages are Kinfolk, but a Garou armored in ice, perhaps wielding an ice sword, would be quite impressive.

Connection: Pick one other PC. Due to a quirk of the spirits, if that character is standing next to you when you use your Ice Armor ability, he is also protected by a sheen of ice. (He does not get the added protection of your Resilient Ice Armor ability.)

Additional Equipment: You have a bladed weapon made of reinforced glass that looks like ice.

Ice Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy instead use cold and ice. For example, an Onslaught force blast is a ray of frost, and Flash produces a blast of cold and ice shards. This alteration changes nothing other than the type of damage. As another example, Barrier creates a wall of ice. This alteration changes nothing except the wall's appearance and the fact that it takes 2 additional points of damage from fire.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The surface around the target becomes slick and difficult to stand on.

Major Effect Suggestions: The target is covered in ice that hinders its movement for one minute, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

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