Talks To Machines

Since you were young, you had an affinity for machines. It seemed almost like you were speaking to them. You were. You have the ability to use your organic brain like a computer, interfacing "wirelessly" with any electronic device. You can control and influence them in ways that others can't. Computers are your friends and companions. You have also learned to repair machines of all kinds because the better they work, the better off you are as well.

You likely wear a tool belt full of various implements, and machine oils stain your clothes and fingertips.

All types of characters can spend their time talking to machines, although this practice fits the Kinfolk best of all.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character seems to have a terrible relationship with machines — or at least the machines that you communicate with. If she is next to a machine that you interact with in a friendly manner, that machine is treated in all ways as being one level lower than normal (unless doing so benefits you or her, in which case the level does not change).

Additional Equipment: A bag of small tools.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The duration of influence or control is doubled.

Major Effect Suggestions: The duration of influence or control becomes 24 hours.

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