Rides The Lightning

You have gained an electricity spirit as an ally, servant, or perhaps a symbiote. Through practice and magical ability, you can control electricity. Not only can you create and discharge electrical power, but you can eventually learn to use it to transport yourself.

You probably wear tight-fitting clothing that allows you to move quickly. Your garments might be blue and black, perhaps with a lightning-bolt motif.

Although Kinfolk seem most suited to wielding lightning, Humans can make good use of the varied lightning abilities.

Connection: Pick one other PC. This character has been your friend for a long time, and you have learned to bring her along when you ride the lightning. If the character is standing right next to you, you can take her with you when you use the Bolt Rider or Electrical Flight powers. (Normally, neither ability allows you to transport other creatures.)

Additional Equipment: You have a bag of miscellaneous batteries and power cells. Whenever you find a new device that operates on batteries or cells (GM discretion), there is a 75 percent chance that the bag contains one that will power it if it depletes.

Electrical Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy instead use electricity. For example, a Flash or an Onslaught force blast is a blast of lightning. This alteration changes nothing other than the type of damage and the fact that it might start fires.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The target is dazed by electricity for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment. Electricity can also shut down an android, robot, or other automaton for one round.

Major Effect Suggestions: Devices filled with electrical power explode. You can target and destroy a fetish that a foe is holding or wearing.

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