The murderous assassin is a master of dealing death. No one is better at sneaking into a location, eliminating a target, and slipping out again. Obviously, a professional killer is not likely to have a lot of friends.

You probably wear dark colors — black, charcoal grey, or midnight blue — to help blend into the shadows. But since you're also a master of disguise, in truth you could look like anyone. Any character could be an assassin. Humans are the most likely choice, but Kinfolk with their esoteries or Garou with their combat abilities would make efficient killers as well.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character knows your real identity, profession, and background. To all others, the truth about you is a closely guarded secret.

Additional Equipment: You start with a disguise kit and three doses of a level 2 blade poison that inflicts 5 points of damage.

Minor Effect Suggestions: No one but the foe notices that you make the attack.

Major Effect Suggestions: If you have poison amid your belongings, you were able to apply it just before the strike, adding the poison's effects to the normal attack damage.

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