Masters Weaponry

(Should this work for Garou claws and bites?)

You have worked long and hard with one particular type of weapon: swords, axes, daggers, whips, or whatever you choose. Thus, you are a swordsman, an axemaster, a mistress of knives, or whatever is appropriate to your chosen weapon. A master of the rapier is different from a master of the warhammer.

You might wear a symbol — a badge, a pin, a tattoo, an amulet, certain colors, and so on — that indicates the school in which you trained, the style of fighting you have mastered, or the name of your mentor. Your weapon is almost certainly your finest possession. Not only is it well cared for and of high quality, but you probably keep it in a beautiful scabbard, harness, belt, case, or something similar.

Many Garou are weapon masters, but sometimes a Human might choose this path, particularly with lighter weapons.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character shows potential in the use of your weapon. You would like to train her, but you're not necessarily qualified to teach (that's up to you), and she might not be interested (that's up to her).

Additional Equipment: You have a high-quality weapon of your choosing.

Weaponry Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, your attacks always look like your chosen weapon. So the force blast of the Onslaught esotery appears to be a large weapon made of force, and the Flash esotery produces a flurry of weaponry. These alterations change nothing other than the appearance of the effects. As another example, Barrier becomes a wall of swirling blades of energy. This alteration changes the esotery such that it is not a solid barrier but rather inflicts 1 point of damage to anyone who touches it and 4 points of damage to anyone who passes through it.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The target is so dazzled by your expertise that it is dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performs is modified by one step to its detriment.

Major Effect Suggestions: Make an immediate additional attack with the weapon as part of your turn.

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