Lives In The Wilderness

You dwell in the wilds. You probably have done so most, if not all, of your life, coming to understand the mysteries of nature, weather, and survival. The ways of flora and fauna are your ways.

Your rough, rugged clothing shows little concern for style. Most of the time, covering yourself in natural smells to keep your scent from arousing suspicion in the wilderness is more important than bathing to keep yourself presentable to other humans.

Garou and Humans are the most likely characters to live in the wilderness, perhaps working as guides, hunters, trappers, scouts, or trackers. A Kinfolk that does so might be seen as a nature priest or wild wizard.

Connection: Pick one other PC who isn't from the wilderness. You can't help but feel a little contempt for that character and her "civilized" ways, which show disdain for all things natural and (to your mind) true.

Additional Equipment: You have a directional compass.

Minor Effect Suggestions: A foe that is a natural creature flees rather than continue to fight you.

Major Effect Suggestions: A foe that is a natural creature becomes warily passive.

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