Using charisma, natural leadership, and perhaps some training, you command the actions of others, who follow you willingly. You are a commander, a captain, a leader, or a general. Your skills allow you to make people do what you want, but you also have the wisdom to know what actions would be best for your followers and allies.

Since you need the respect of others, you probably dress and carry yourself in such a way that inspires, endears, or intimidates. You have a voice suited to barking orders that can be heard even on a noisy battlefeld.

Garou make excellent military leaders, but a Human could easily lead a group of explorers or a den of thieves. A Kinfolk might be the head of a group of "mages" or scholars, or she might have a gang of bodyguards as followers.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character was once a follower of yours, but you have since grown to think of him as a peer.

Additional Equipment: You have a fetish that allows you to tag up to seven followers. By looking into the glass plate on the device, you can determine their distance and direction relative to you. The tagging process is somewhat demeaning, so it is likely that only your followers would ever submit to it.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The next time you attempt to command, captivate, or otherwise influence the same foe, the difficulty of the task is decreased by one step.

Major Effect Suggestions: The foe is influenced, captivated, or otherwise affected by your ability for twice as long as normal.

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