Hunts With Great Skill

You are a tracker. Perhaps you hunt animals or more deadly creatures. Perhaps you go after people as a bounty hunter, law enforcer, or killer for hire. Whatever form your hunting takes, you are trained in stalking your quarry and bringing it down. You are a dangerous individual.

If you hunt animals or creatures, you might carry the trophies of past kills, such as teeth or skins. If you're a bounty hunter, you probably wear whatever your quarry would find most intimidating so it feels as though it has no chance of getting away from you.

Most hunters are Garou, but Humans and Kinfolk bring unique skills to the chase.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That person once saw you show surprising mercy toward your prey, and now you hope she keeps that information quiet — it might harm your reputation.

Additional Equipment: You wear boots that muffle your footsteps, giving you a +1 bonus to any roll made involving sneaky movement.

Minor Effect Suggestions: You can attempt an intimidating task to cause your foe to immediately surrender.

Major Effect Suggestions: Your foe pauses, terrifed by your prowess, and takes no action on his turn.

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