Fuses Flesh And Steel

In the depths of the urban wastes, among the bleached bones of a dead civilization, the Weaver reigns supreme. There, beings rise from the rubble, a mad mix of spirit, beast, and technology. Perhaps you were caught up in the Weaver's machinations, or perhaps something more sinister has happened to you. Perhaps you did this to yourself?

At some point in your past, some of your organic parts were replaced with artificial components. These components might be subdermal, or they might resemble more overt metal or plastic plating on your skin. They can also take the form of threadlike tendrils of circuitry winding across your flesh. Whatever their appearance, these components give you special abilities. As you advance, you can add to, modify, or discover new functions for them. Unfortunately, your artificial body also has special requirements when it takes damage.

You probably wear a cloak with a hood or something similar to hide your artificial parts from those who would persecute you. Because your components are tricky to repair, as time goes on, it might become more difficult to conceal your true nature, with exposed circuitry, metal plates, and more in a state of partial disassembly. Anyone — Garou, Human, or Kinfolk — might be a cybernetic organism.

Connection: Pick one other PC. This character knows your true nature, even if no one else does. If your components are not particularly hidden, she knows a different secret of yours, such as a preprogrammed word that will shut you down for ten minutes.

Additional Equipment: You have a bag of light tools and a variety of parts to repair yourself.

Minor Effect Suggestions: Your servos learn from your successful actions. You gain a +1 bonus to similar actions involving the same task (such as making attacks against the same foe or operating the same device).

Major Effect Suggestions: You discharge a small pulse of power into your foe. Make an immediate attack against that foe (using the same stat as the action that caused the major effect). If the attack succeeds, it deals 4 points of electrical damage.

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