Exists Partially In The Umbra

You have the ability to pass easily across the Gauntlet. In fact, you're always slightly in both the Umbra and the Realm at once, giving you a ghostly transluscence. With concentration, you can pass your hand through a solid object, allow a solid object to pass harmlessly through you, or literally walk through walls. However, moving in and out of different phase states requires extreme force of will and can be mentally taxing. The explanation for your strange power lies within some aspect of the Spirit World. Perhaps the ability emerged through exposure to powerful spirit magic or as the result of dabbling in powerful arts. Perhaps one of your ancestors first developed the power and passed it down through generations.

You might do whatever you can to play up your translucent appearance by wearing diaphanous, billowy clothing, or, depending on your personality, you might do just the opposite.

Humans enjoy the infiltration possibilities of changing their phase state, and Kinfolk appreciate the defensive capabilities. Garou can use the offensive and defensive aspects but might find them a bit hindering as well.

Connection: Pick one other PC. You have known that character for a while, and he helped you gain control of your phase states.

Minor Effect Suggestions: While out of phase, you also gain +1 to all Speed defense tasks.

Major Effect Suggestions: While out of phase, you are also invisible.

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