You are an entertainer: a singer, dancer, poet, storyteller, or something similar. You perform for the benefit of others. Naturally charismatic and talented, you have also studied to master your art. You know all the old poems, songs, jokes, and stories, and you're skilled at creating new ones, too. You probably wear flamboyant or at least fashionable clothes and use cosmetics, tattoos, or hair stylings for dramatic effect.

The role of the entertainer fits the Human best, but Garou and Kinfolk sometimes entertain as well.

Connection: Pick one other PC. This character is your worst critic. Your abilities to help or inspire others don't function for her.

Additional Equipment: You start with a musical instrument or other tools needed to perform.

Minor Effect Suggestions: You enchant the target, who remains enchanted as long as you focus all your attention on keeping her that way.

Major Effect Suggestions: The target is forever favorably disposed toward you.

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