Employs Magnetism

(Should be refluffed to reference how spirit action can fuck with reality in weird ways.)

Electromagnetism is a fundamental force in the universe, and it is yours to command. You are a master of metal.

You probably wear a lot of metal, perhaps as part of your clothing or armor, as part of your accessories (such as jewelry or piercings), embedded into your body surgically, or in some combination of these options.

No one type of character is more likely than any other to employ magnetism, although Garou who wield weapons and wear armor will find it an interesting complement to their powers.

Connection: Pick one other PC. Whenever you use your powers, the metallic items on that character's body shudder, rattle, clink, and shake if he is within short range.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The duration of the effect is doubled.

Major Effect Suggestions: An important item on the target's person is destroyed.

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