Crafts Illusions

You use spirit magic to create holographic images that appear real. You are, in effect, an artist — a crafter of light and sound. Holographic images can never inflict direct harm or exert real force, but they can fool creatures, changing opinions and even behaviors if you craft them cleverly. You likely dress with flair and color. The appearance of things is important to you, both their beauty and their ugliness. You are a visual performer who can entertain, terrify, or fool everyone you encounter.

A Kinfolk is the most likely character to be an illusionist, but Humans find illusions to be helpful as well. The rare Garou illusionist can find ways to use tricks in battle.

Connection: Pick one other PC. This character is never fooled by your illusions and is never affected by the trickery of your special abilities. You can choose whether or not you know this fact.

Additional Equipment: You have a fetish that appears to be a piece of clear glass in a plastic frame. By manipulating hidden switches on the frame, you can make random moving images appear on the glass. The images are usually strange and sometimes incomprehensible.

Psychedelic Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, they take on flamboyant visual and auditory qualities of your choosing. This alteration changes nothing other than the appearance of the effects. For example, your attack esoteries might look like monsters made of energy that assail your foes. Your Stasis esotery might look like a tentacled beast that holds the victim in place. Your Teleportation esotery might seem like a hole in space opens up and swallows you.

Minor Effect Suggestions: Your illusion has a special quality to it — perhaps an observer sees an image of something from his past.

Major Effect Suggestions: The illusion lasts for one hour, or if it already lasts that long, it lasts for 24 hours.

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