Controls Gravity

(Note: I don't think this belongs in this game. Need feedback.)

Gravity must have been quite a concern for the people of prior epochs because there are many paths within the numenera to control it. Through a quirk of fate, some unique device(s), or supreme devotion (or a combination of all three), you have learned to tap into the power of gravity. With one foot planted in the distant past, you are a mysterious individual. Most likely, you are also older, having spent much of your life honing your odd, ancient talents. You might prefer billowy garments that display your mastery of gravity's pull and conceal your identity and intentions. No one type of character is more likely to control gravity than another, but the power is rare.

Connection: Pick one other PC. In the recent past, while using your gravitational powers, you accidentally sent that character hurtling into the air or plummeting toward the ground. Either way, she barely survived. It is up to the player of that character to decide whether she resents, fears, or forgives you.

Additional Equipment: You have a pen-sized fetish that tells the weight of whatever you point it at (within short range). The weight is displayed on a small glass plate in runes that only you can decipher.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The duration of the effect is doubled.

Major Effect Suggestions: An important item on the target's person is destroyed.

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