Controls Beasts

To say that you have a way with animals and nonhuman creatures doesn't begin to cover it. Your mastery and communication with beasts is positively uncanny. They come to you fearlessly, and it's not uncommon for birds to alight on your shoulder or for small animals to climb up your arms or legs.

You probably wear tough clothing and have a disheveled or grizzled appearance that suggests a rugged, outdoor life. Perhaps you even smell like an animal.

Any type of character is likely to have this focus.

Connection: Pick one other PC. That character seems to disturb your creatures in a way that you can't explain. You know that you must keep your animals away from him if possible, or you might lose control of them.

Additional Equipment: You have three days' worth of food for your beast companion, plus a harness, collar, or similar accoutrements.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The duration of calmness or control is doubled.

Major Effect Suggestions: The duration of calmness or control extends to 24 hours.

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