Commands Mental Powers

You have always had special abilities that others didn't seem to share. Through practice and devotion, you have honed this unique talent so that you can harness the power of your mind to perform deeds.

No one can tell that you have this ability just by looking at you, although you wear a crystal or jewel somewhere on your head to help focus your power. Either this focusing object was given to you by someone who recognized your ability, or you came upon it by accident and it triggered your abilities. Some people with mental powers — often called psychics or psionics by ordinary folks — are secretive and a little paranoid.

Although Kinfolk frequently command mental powers, psionic Garou or Humans are not uncommon.

Connection: Pick one other PC. You have found that this character is particularly tuned into your mental powers. While you're within short range of him, the two of you are always in telepathic contact, and he is never harmed by your Psychic Bursts.

Additional Equipment: You have a crystal or jewel fetish that, when worn against your forehead or temple, adds 1 point to your Intellect Pool. If you're ever without the fetish, subtract 5 points from your Intellect Pool; the points are restored if you regain the item.

Mental Esoteries: If you have the Mind Control esotery or the Mind Reading esotery, you're automatically trained in it. If you have both esoteries, you're trained in both. Enabler.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The range or duration of the mental power is doubled.

Major Effect Suggestions: You can take another action on that same turn.

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