Carries A Quiver

The archer is a skilled combatant, deadly in any fight. With a keen eye and quick reflexes, you can eliminate foes at range before they reach you. A good archer also learns to make his own arrows and bows.

You probably wear no more than light armor so you can move quickly when needed.

Many Humans are archers.

You can use this focus with crossbows instead of bows if you wish.

Connection: Pick one other PC to be the true friend who gave you the excellent bow that you currently use. Secretly pick a second PC (preferably one who is likely to get in the way of your attacks). When you miss with a bow and the GM rules that you struck someone other than your target, you hit the second character, if possible.

Additional Equipment: You start with an expensive bow and two dozen arrows.

Minor Effect Suggestions: Hit in a tendon or muscle, the target takes 2 points of Speed damage as well as normal damage.

Major Effect Suggestions: The target is pinned in place with an arrow.

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