Bears A Halo Of Fire

You can create a sheath of flames around your body. You leave scorch marks wherever you go, and you can't handle combustible objects without first dousing your inherent flames. If you perform esoteries (or similar effects beyond the abilities of normal humans), all your effects are tainted with flame. Fiery visuals accompany your powers, and in some cases, your predilection for flame actually reshapes your abilities to take on a fery nature where none existed before.

You probably wear red and yellow, or perhaps black. Although most of those who take up this mantle are Kinfolk, flame-wielding Garou and Humans are fearsome indeed.

Connection: Pick one other PC. Through a quirk of fate, your fire cannot harm that character.

Additional Equipment: You have a fetish — a device that sprays inanimate objects to make them fire-resistant. All your starting gear has already been treated unless you don't want it to be.

Fire Esoteries: If you perform esoteries, those that would normally use force or other energy (such as electricity) instead use fire. For example, force blasts from Onslaught are blasts of flame, and Flash is a burst of fire. These alterations change nothing except the type of damage and the fact that it might start fires. As another example, Barrier produces a wall of roaring flames. In this case, the alteration changes the esotery so that the barrier is not solid but instead inflicts 1 point of damage to anything that touches it and 4 points of damage to anyone who passes through it.

Minor Effect Suggestions: The target or something near the target catches fire.

Major Effect Suggestions: An important item on the target's person is destroyed.

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