Current Characters

To create a new character page, simply type your character's first name in the correct box below and hit the button! Please be sure to only use the name you use to log into the MUSH. Otherwise it gets confusing. You'll be able to have it display your full name by editing the title of your character page.

☞ denotes Unapproved


Homid Dark Hunter Galliard

Amber Fanin
Homid Silver Fang Philodox

Homid Lost Cub Ragabash

Grimm Reaper
Lupus Blood Talon Philodox

Jason Bard
Homid Red Howler Ragabash

Nora Evans
Homid Bone Gnawer Theurge

Phoenix Down
Lupus Earth Ranger Ahroun

Homid Lost Cub Galliard

Tariq Greenwell
Homid Star Child Theurge


Belén Mejia
Heart Guardian Kinfolk

Sloane Townsend
Storm Lord Kinfolk


Astrid Wallace
Plain Reader

Barry Martinez
Normal Mortal

Drew Kayode

Henry Sawyer
Normal Mortal

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