A Tribe of Garou is like an extended family. They come together under a spiritual banner with likeminded goals, and have a diverse set of methodologies to further their overall purpose. Like all extended families, though, one doesn't necessarily have to agree with them all the time. And sometimes the Garou Rage gets the better of their civil discourse. But, no matter what, the tribe defines much of the approach to one's path and purpose for living in the world; they are family, shaping your ideals and bonds.
Being a part of a Tribe allows you access to their Shadow Gifts categories and also grants you one of your dots of starting Renown.

Quick Reference
Tribe Totem Renown Gifts Overview
Blood Talons Hawk Purity Nature, Rage, Strength Fierce warriors who hunt the Wyld in revenge.
Bone Gnawers Rat Cunning Evasion, Shaping, Technology The lowest of the low, looking out for one everyone.
Circle Keepers Dragon Purity Death, Stealth, Warding The Reclaimed tribe seeks to restore balance, whatever the cost.
Dark Hunters Vulture Wisdom Death, Dream, Knowledge Seekers of deep knowledge and keepers of forgotten relics.
Earth Rangers Coyote Purity Elemental, Nature, Weather Roamers of the wilds and teachers of the old ways.
Heart Guardians Badger Glory Elemental, Rage, Warding Fiercely proud protectors of mystic loci in the new world.
Red Howlers Lion Glory Inspiration, Rage, Stealth Passionate warrior-bards with lust for life flowing hot in their veins.
Silver Fangs Falcon Honor Dominance, Insight, Inspiration The first and true leaders of the Garou, or so they would have all believe.
Star Children Otter Wisdom Dream, Insight, Shaping Peacekeepers focused on bringing balance and harmony to communities.
Storm Lords Snake Honor Dominance, Evasion, Weather Those tasked to root out corruption from the shadows and crush it.
Warders of Men Dog Cunning Knowledge, Technology, Strength The Society for the Protection and Integration of Humanity.

** - This Tribe still needs editing to fit the new setting.

Blood Talons

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Red Talons
Totem: Hawk
The Red Talons came away from the war against the Corrupter Wyrm with no totem: Griffin sacrificed itself to destroy the Corrupter’s senses with terrible screams and brute force blows, raking out the Corrupter’s vision of the battlefield and thus letting the Garou get in close. The Talons fought as fiercely as the other warriors, but they gave it all. They had nothing to lose but the last shreds of thought that weren’t pure, raw instinct.

In truth, the Talons knew exactly what the final battles were. The battle of survival. They fought this battle every day of their lives, because no one day was any different in its chances of meeting sudden unequivocal death or misfortune. But as Griffin gave its final deathscreams, the Talons knew their judgment time had come. Either Gaia would see them fit to continue to survive as they had done, or they would be extinguished like water to a flame.

But lo and behold, the Talons survived. Totemless, however, they sought the favor of Father Wolf himself and discovered Wolf does not favor any of the Garou with his presence; he is only a guide. Enraged, many Talons turned away from the Garou and into the whispering, waiting arms of the Wyld. Through the mists and hedges, they were corrupted into Labyrinth Runners, werewolves in the thrall of the unmitigated force of creation. Those that remained reeled after the loss of their brethren and howled their grief and righteous fury to Gaia. From above came Hawk, offering to bring them a new purpose under the tribal moniker of Blood Talons: to fight the Wyld and all its creatures and bring their brethren back from the Maze.

Tribal Purpose

There is a fierce and deep bond among the Blood Talons as they are bound by honor and responsibility. For the most part, Talons roam the world in packs, hunting down and destroying pockets of Wyld. Though they still maintain concern over keeping humanity's numbers low and the wolf population high, the wound the Wyld struck is fresher and more imminent: after all, the apocalypse put humanity back to a safer number. They consider the safe conversion of the Mazelings their sacred hunt and duty and will absolutely snarl at any non-Talon who tries to lead the charge.

Practical Applications to Characters

Talons on Lazuli are tight-knit and tend to keep to themselves, mostly living off the wilds in Lapis or in Jasper Forest and Maw-Sit-Sit. When the Wyld calls in the distance, though, they're sure to be chasing, putting down their mortal enemies. And yeah, sure, okay, they'll probably help the other Garou with their things too, but they'll be grumpy about it! Still, any activity that is in service to the return of balance to the Wyld is an activity worth doing.

It should be noted, however, that though they fight against the Wyld, they are huge proponents of the Wild. In an effort to stave off humanity's population growth, Lazulan Talons often spread "wild bombs" with the help of their Gifts and spirits. Buildings will suddenly cover themselves in vines and leaves; sidewalks become grass; lamp posts sprout saplings and flowers. It is with the help of the Talons that parts of Lazuli have become truly interwoven with flourishing greenery.

For more information, see Blood Talons.

Bone Gnawers

Motto: “Nothin’, what’s a motto with you? Oh, a motto. Uhh. Never Give Up, Never Surrender!”
Totem: Rat
The greatest advantage the Bone Gnawers had during the Apocalypse was their strength in numbers. In the End Times, they heard the call to battle and like their totem Rat, swarmed over the Wyrm and its forces in numbers that no other tribe could match. It was being with the ranks of Bone Gnawers that allowed the other tribes to go toe to toe with the corrupted Black Spiral Dancers and banes.

Though they suffered great losses in the process, the Bone Gnawers never gave up and survived the Apocalypse with their tribal totem in tact. Rat was pleased by the tribe overall: those that others normally thought as craven cowards or useless castaways showed their teeth and pulled through the end. It is because they survived that Rat chose to stay where other totems did not. For this the Bone Gnawers are extremely grateful. The remaining elders of the tribe now have the greater task of helping others learn how to survive in the post-Apocalypse like the Gnawers.

Tribal Purpose

Bone Gnawers haven’t let their victories get to their heads. They recognize that their numbers are fewer now than they ever have been before. Now that the Wyrm has been freed from the tangled webs of the Weaver, they take on the task of watching those around from the lower ranks and shadows and making sure that everyone gets a chance at survival. The beady eyes of Rat’s children stay behind the curtain, seeking no greater glories or places of power amidst the Garou.

Practical Applications to Characters

Bone Gnawers can be found all throughout the world still, helping those who survived and are in need of some help continuing to do so. They accept generous hospitality, and give it in return. Most communities will have Bone Gnawers amongst them getting down to the dirty jobs and making sure survival is a top priority and that none are left behind.

For more information, see Bone Gnawers.

Circle Keepers

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Black Spiral Dancers
Motto: “Kill what needs killing, Spare what needs living.”
Totem: Dragon

Oh man, the BSDs are “good” guys now?

Yes, yes they are. Whippoorwill may have died in the Final Battle, along with countless of the insane ranks of the Corrupted. But, those who remained, once the Balancer restored itself, somehow found themselves again. There are some BSDs who regained themselves and went back to join their original tribe (what’s left of it anyway). But there were some who were born and bred BSD and have no tribe but their own. These ones joined together to form a new tribe.

They are now known as the Circle Keepers, followers of the Dragon. They keep the circle of life (and death) turning. They focus on preventing corruption like the kind only they know oh-so-well from happening. But, even now they’re distrusted; when has the lion ever trusted the hyena on the savannah? The Keepers don’t care, as long as the balance is kept. They are comfortable with being morally grey.

Tribal Purpose

The Circle Keepers have become a tribe of moral mercenaries, going out to find those blights on civilized existence and eradicating them utterly. It doesn't matter if the Weaver is controlling a child or the Wyld has sent a bevy of baby animals. The Keepers know what happens when you let any trace survive. They are merciless, and they make the hard decisions. Someone has to.

Practical Applications to Characters

Though none live who were originally turned from the Spirals, racial memory runs deep and they distrust, hate, and fear the Wyrm, even in its Balanced form. As a result, they don't think too highly of Silver Fangs, who work very closely with the Wyrm, and they keep a close eye on the chance the Falcon tribe might be turning. Still, their attention is equally focused on the tools of the Weaver and the chaos of the Wyld.

For more information, see Circle Keepers.

Dark Hunters

The Tribe(s) Formerly Known As: Silent Striders / Uktena
Motto: “It's only after we've lost everything, that we're free to do anything.”
Totem: Vulture
They knew the end of the world was coming. The Silent Striders had long lost their homeland to the vampires of Set, and the Uktena had dealt with the dark human impulses of conquest in theirs. Both tribes were scattered to the wind. Deep in their hearts they knew this. The homelands would not be recovered. All would be lost. But in the throes of death and destruction, there was life that needed to be picked out of the Apocalypse. These two tribes, whose secrets and knowledge were among the deepest and most mysterious, would find themselves seeking the same things in the End Times. Knowledge, the retention of it, was vital to survival. Where so much death was to be concerned, the important thing was to not panic, and save the wisdom that would inevitably be lost when so many perished.

The widespread tribe of the Silent Striders combined with the Uktena to become the tribe known as the Dark Hunters. TThey have used their secret knowledges to perform some pretty amazing acts that kept the world itself from disintegrating into ephemera at the rejoining of the Umbra and the Realm. The Wyrm’s attempt to Balance the earth by its destruction was also thwarted with the secrets of death known by the Striders and Uktena at the times of the final battles. Owl and Uktena were amongst the wisest of the Incarna who came to the aid of the shifter and spirit broods at war with the Corrupter Wyrm. At their sacrifice and revelation, the defeat of the Corrupter Wyrm became possible.

Tribal Purpose:

Tasked with the seemingly unwanted duties of dealing with the immediate aftermath of the Apocalypse and other unseen consequences, the Dark Hunters walk the world finding things that would rather stay buried. They discover and hold secret wisdom all in hope and practicality. Someone must remember how things were done in the past, so that mistakes will not be repeated. On top of that, the wisdom of the elders is a highly sought after and valuable thing now that there are so few. The Dark Hunters explore the darkest, furthest regions of human and spirit, hoping to rediscover the secrets of the past that now lay scattered across countless regions spiritual and physical.

Practical Applications to Characters:

The Dark Hunters are very wise in their knowledge of the secrets of the world. They are consummate students of deep magics and incomprehensible theories that would boggle some of the greatest minds. Not many think of a Dark Hunter’s presence as being a harbinger of doom anymore, but they remain kind of the creepy goth or gravedigger whose being is devoted to discovering the macabre secrets that few want to confront. Dark Hunters aren’t always dark, to note - in fact they might even be the most faith filled, hopeful characters. They just also happen to be the types who confront inner demons, exorcise banes, or endure horrific situations to seek the answers.

For more information, see Dark Hunters.

Earth Rangers

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Wendigo
Motto: “Shut up and listen.”
Totem: Coyote

The Wendigo are nothing if not stubborn. Even in the Final Battles of the End Times, they kept their ways of living life up, especially the part where they were “savages” and stoic warriors. As Wendigo the incarna himself ripped out parts of the Wyrm’s black heart and devoured it, slowly turning the corrupted flesh and spirit into immovable ice and stone, the tribe fought on to ensure that the Corrupter would not rise up and triumph. It was heartbreaking to watch as the spirit totem turned into black ice, battling back the Wyrm and freezing its flesh to slow it down - and then the counter move of the Wyrm devouring Wendigo into its maw. The legends are that Wendigo froze the Wyrm’s heart from the inside, allowing the warriors to pound upon it until finally the corruption shattered into infinity.

After the battle, the Wendigo could no longer take on the name of their former totem. They respectfully retired their former totem to rest with the remains of the old world and the brave who sought to save it from total annhilation. But who was to be the new totem of the Wendigo, and what name would they create for themselves? The answer came in the form of laughing, clever Coyote. The ultimate trickster, Coyote came to the elders and offered a deal. Naturally the elders were quite suspicious of Coyote’s intentions. The debates took so long, it’s said some elders even died before they got to the end - only to be brought back to life by Coyote - and ultimately the Wendigo accepted Coyote as their new tribal totem.

Tribal Purpose

As the last of the Pure Tribes, the Wendigo embraced their role as the “dying breed” of Garou of the Americas and changed things around. Rather than live in eternal anger about their circumstance, the Wendigo have adopted a new outlook, and one more with purpose. Long had the Wendigo elders watched and feared what would happen to their younger generations as the deep culture of the Pure Ones slipped away, suppressed, forgotten, denied or all of the above. But no longer! For those who would grab hold of the last vestiges of a venerable tradition and way of life known to the few and the proud, there is a place in the new tribe known as the Earth Rangers.

Practical Applications to Characters

It sounds hokey, but in truth Earth Rangers are masters of the wild and survival within a fierce, unstable environment. Like original homesteaders of the Americas, Earth Rangers have eked out their niche and made quite good a life in being able to survive as the old ones did. Along with a little creative ingenuity and Coyote’s cunning, the Earth Rangers are able to make good of a chaotic world, and would protect it with all their might even in its diminished state. It is the only ball of dirt they have, after all, and after having come so close to losing it, they aren’t about to let that happen.

For more information, see Earth Rangers.

Heart Guardians

The Tribe(s) Formerly Known As: Black Furies / Get of Fenris
Motto: “Dig deep. Persist until you succeed.”
Totem: Badger
After the final battles, the Black Furies were devastated in numbers and in heart. Their totem, Pegasus, was among the totems who decided to leave their sponsored tribe to their own devices. The break up, so to speak, was a good one but disheartening for most Furies. The elders still living consulted each other and decided it was time for the Black Furies to follow a new path, and in this essence a new totem.

Also decimated in numbers, the Get of Fenris had watched as Fenris himself tore out the throat of the Corrupter (so the singers say) alongside Father Wolf. But He did so at the expense of his life. The children of the great wolf god had to grow up, and those who wished to stay and fight for a new life did. The remaining elders got together with the elders of the Black Furies, and made a pact with renewed purpose.

At the new Totem Summoning, this new tribe had hoped to bag a new totem of fury and strength, calling for Wolverine. But the quest ended in a failure; those who battled Wolverine’s spirit could not match up to his liking, nor his fury. Still, as Wolverine was about to level the final blow, Badger stepped in and fought the mighty Wolverine back, pitting her claws against his, her fangs against his, her heart against his fury. The battle was terrible and yet the she-Badger fought Wolverine to a standstill. Badger in a respite explained that with Wolverine, his fury was too great and that if he took the tribe in they would eventually destroy one another or what it was they loved dearly. Wolverine did not contest this fact; it is why Wolverine is a loner of the North. At this point, the elders of the new tribe were moved by Badger’s protective spirit and asked Badger to be the totem of the new tribe. Badger agreed, and Wolverine departed (on good terms). Thus, the Heart Guardians were born.

Tribal Purpose

The Heart Guardians formed as both tribes’ elders found it no longer prudent to continue their individual philosophies. The Black Furies and Get of Fenris put aside their differences after the Apocalypse and ensuing aftermath. Both tribes barely had members left; the Furies with their all-female mentality could no longer survive, and the Get of Fenris suffered huge losses amongst them as many died in the final battles.

Realizing that there are barely any caerns surviving, they now use their strength of will and force to battle against the monstrous enemies that emerge from the torn Umbra, and those seeking to destroy the last caerns. They guard the “heart of the world” with a jealous rage. Their strength lies in the stubbornness and toughness of their tribe; a Heart Guardian does not give ground to an enemy if they can help it, and will fight to the death in defense of a caern when others may flee.

Practical Applications to Characters

Most Heart Guardians will be found in and around caerns or other places of power, but some Heart Guardians wander from caern to caern or just walk the land, helping where they are needed and moving on to the next place once they have aided the sept in need. They are fierce and stubborn warriors, unmatched in passion for the protection of Gaia and her light.

For more information, see Heart Guardians.

Red Howlers

(still sometimes just called Fianna)
The Tribe(s) formerly known as: Fianna / White Howlers
Motto: “Slake the thirst, stake the worst.”
Totem: Lion
The pure Fianna is a rare sight in the days post-Apocalypse. As the Corrupter Wyrm fought against the tribe, it spewed profane magic brought up by the knowledge swallowed from the White Howlers - the ancient tribe close to the Fianna - and sought to destroy the Fianna from within. Those pure of blood were marked, hunted, destroyed or worse, turned to the Corrupter’s forces and made into the monsters that the tribe as a whole deeply feared the White Howlers had become.

Stag’s intervention broke through barely in time to save the precious few Fianna who had not yet Fallen, and the remnants of the tribe speared deep into the Corrupter’s side as an antler pierces the heart. From the Fallen’s ranks, those rescued by Stag and His children were pulled back into the light of Gaia, and the corruption was burned away. The battle between Stag and the Corrupted Lion totem nearly destroyed the tribe, but in the end, the long lost White Howlers were returned to the arms of Gaia and their Fianna kinsmen. Lion, grateful to having been saved by Stag, vowed to protect the Fianna from then on.

Tribal Purpose

The Fianna are gifted, terribly efficient hunters of the Corrupter’s influence in the post Apocalyptic world. They are especially good at rooting out those of their own kind who have fallen to evil ways and bear the Taint that the tribe battled in the End Times. Now, united with the last of their kind and the White Howlers, they seek to rid the world of the last vestiges of the Corrupter and find the inner peace that still eludes many of them to this day.

Practical Applications to Characters

Anybody of any blood could be a Red Howler now, but they often will look to one of the rare, untainted pure blood Fianna as a leader or elder. The Howlers are hunters of those who have Fallen, of the Corrupter’s brood. And they are very good at what they do. Most Red Howlers are travellers but a few of the few choose to stay within a certain area and claim the territory as their hunting grounds. Groups of Howlers come together and will form packs to root out any deep corruption they find in a spot. And woe be upon their chosen target… Also, they are often at odds with the Circle Keepers; the two groups serve similar purposes, but find themselves distrusting of the other.

For more information, see Red Howlers.

Silver Fangs

Motto: “Have strength and courage.”
Totem: Falcon
The Silver Fangs have endured the Apocalypse as with all the other tribes, but they still have the distinction being the “leaders” of the Garou Nation. Leaders these days, however, are tenuous in their positions and as mortal as any other being - the Silver Fangs are very aware of that. Falcon lead the way in the final battles, as did the Fangs when the time came to face the Wyrm.

Once the Corrupter Wyrm was vanquished - so the Silver Fangs howled - the real work that began was all overseen by the leading tribe. Their grasp of the situation of the world came into question not in the battles and war, but in the aftermath of the Apocalypse when everybody asked the question: Now what? Perhaps as a testament to tradition, the Silver Fangs have changed little in their tribal makeup. They did not choose to intervene much when the tribes who lost their totems sought out new ones, each following their own path and quest to a new purpose. The Fangs stayed as they were at the helm, rock steady in their beliefs of leadership bringing the best to the fore of all.

Unlike before, though, the Silver Fangs recognized the world was in dire straits, and more importantly it was completely altered. Humans knew about the supernaturals now, and that would change their way of life forever. At the very least, amendments needed to be made to the ancient Litany. The entire method of handling the Umbra had to change. The tribes were shook up, a nation uncertain and incohesive. And most of all, their enemies have shifted focus, and against all odds, their only Triat ally is the Wyrm. The Silver Fangs did what they did best: take charge. Working together with the Balancer, they have staked a claim in guiding the Garou Nation in their next fight.

Tribal Purpose

The Silver Fangs see the post Apocalyptic world and feel they still need to step up and lead. The charge, however, is towards new lives. Even Falcon has approved that the Silver Fangs should be the ones to break the ice and aid the Garou - and humanity, and even, daringly, the whole world - to rebuilding. It is their time to shine still, in the opinion of the Fangs. Not everyone may agree, but they’ve been doing it this long and have the experience to back it up. Anybody else who wants to challenge that notion can step forward.

Practical Applications to characters

Silver Fangs now, like Fianna, are rather rare to find. The pure breeding of the Fangs has been all but lost in the interests of survival of the tribe, but a scant few families of such ancient royalty still exist. They are not universally recognized as leaders of the communities they encounter. Indeed, a Silver Fang may arrive to find that there are already several able candidates and established community leaders hampering any direct path to the top. Depending on the community, the Silver Fang knows she has to earn that respect, and it might involve getting one’s hands dirty. But one thing that should never be tarnished is the Silver Fang honor.

For more information, see Silver Fangs.

Star Children

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Children of Gaia / Stargazers
Motto: “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.”
Totem: Otter

The Children of Gaia, second to the Bone Gnawers in numbers, was an instrumental group in the defeat of the Corruptor Wyrm. They were amidst the warriors, the healers, and the supporters who kept the troops alive and sane. Unicorn kept his duty to those of pure intentions - and during battle there was no purer intention than that of the hope for victory. With Unicorn’s help, the Garou overcame their darkest inner troubles brought to the surface by the Corruptor.

The Stargazers, meanwhile, had been seekers of truths and balance, and in the End Times, though they were not a part of the Garou Nation, they fought at their side. Chimera rose up side-by-side with Unicorn, sacrificing themselves in a burst of powerful magic on the Corruptor. Though they do not know for certain, the Star Children believe that Chimera and Unicorn unveiled the truth of Balance and Hope back into the Wyrm's mind, and thus allowed it to finally understand its own corruption and a pure vision of an untainted future, and cut away the taint. Without their joint revelations, the world may have been totally lost.

With the victory behind them, the remaining Coggies and Gazers found themselves working together to get their Garou companions to work together. Though they each sought their own new tribal totem, none seemed to take to them until they began to search together. In the end, they worked together until at last, Otter appeared to them. With a renewed sense of purpose toward harmony, joy, and community, they became the Star Children.

Tribal Purpose

In the new world, community is disjointed, and the further away they get from the Apocalypse, the more that sense of camaraderie and united purpose has fallen away back into bickering. The Star Children have devoted themselves to diplomacy and reminding people to work together, keep the harmony, and hey, enjoy life too. This is a wonderful world we live in; why not relax once in a while?

Practical Applications to Characters

Lazulan Star Children are likely to see everyone as equals. They see the world as it should be: balanced between civilization and wilderness, between humanity and garou, between the Wyld, Weaver, and Wyrm. They are, in general, patient and kind, helping those who need help and bringing levity to dire situations. How can you live a life that's so serious all the time? Or more importantly, why should you?

For more information, see Star Children.

Storm Lords

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Shadow Lords
Motto: “Fear. Respect. Honor. Loyalty.”
Totem: Snake

The Shadow Lords always knew the Apocalypse was be inevitable, and they prepared themselves. Their tribe studied the ways of the Enemy to the point where some thought that they were turned to the Wyrm, and at times even they themselves questioned their tactics in the coming of the End Times. But in the final battles, the Shadow Lords used their knowledge, power, and strengths to their advantage. Suffering great losses was one thing, but they earned their keep under Thunder’s banner.

When the Corrupter Wyrm was defeated, the Shadow Lords did not sit back. They proceeded to continue as they did before, seeking the dark and exploring where other Garou tribes disdained to go or distractedly did not. The Shadow Lords went before Thunder, convinced and cajoled the Incarna to bequeath them the name they now bear as a tribe. Even with Thunder deigning to allow such use of the title of Storm Lords to the tribe, though, a new totem needed to be chosen. The Storm Lord elders worked in utmost secrecy; in the end the tribe’s new totem revealed itself as Snake.

Tribal Purpose

The Storm Lords do as their former tribe have done in the past; they get things done, sometimes by any means necessary. The tribe has taken the post-Apocalyptic world “by storm”, heading into deep, dark corners both physically, mentally and spiritually to pull out corruption and reveal it. They are like the DEA, Internal Affairs, auditors of the world - but like these types of organizations hardly anybody truly trusts them. The inner workings remain secretive, revealed only to those worthy of such honor.

Practical Applications to Characters

Storm Lords are proud to be amidst the elite. One often does not discover their strengths and weaknesses easily. Several rumors surround the Storm Lords, some of them true, others not, perhaps many of them perpetrated by the tribe themselves. Think of the Freemasons and their esoteric rituals, their social standing, and contributions. Storm Lords do not seek to sequester themselves from the desperate world; they embrace it in their quest for something better.

For more information, see Storm Lords.

Warders of Men

The Tribe Formerly Known As: Glass Walkers
Motto: “To Protect and Serve… Our mutual interests.”
Totem: Dog
Of all the tribes that fared poorly in the Apocalypse, the Glass Walkers were not among them. Like the Bone Gnawers, the Glass Walkers proved the urban jungle was a great resource when it came to knowledge gathering and resourcefulness. The Walkers were not without trials and tribulations, however. Their great reliance on modern technology because both a gift and a curse, as several groups found themselves equipped with malfunctioning equipment or jammed weapons when they needed to fight and defend themselves.

When the Walker elders did finally send out a final memo that yes, Roach was nowhere to be found and presumed killed in action, the Glass Walkers had one last hurrah shout out memorial. It was 140 characters long.

The elders of the Glass Walkers then convened on what was to be done. The Apocalypse came and went, and the world went on. Evils still abounded, but it was as they had suspected - a post-Apocalyptic world still had humans, and now those humans knew the secrets of the supernaturals. The Walkers decided they would continue their task, but with a nod to tradition they reversed their name change back to what it started as: The Warders of Man. In this reversion came Dog, symbol of aide and protection, of mutual understanding and unconditional loyalty. Dog would fit very well as the Warders’ new totem.

Tribal Purpose

The Warders are as their name suggests, guardians of Mankind. They are much more than just spectators in this post-Apocalyptic world. The Warders are by far the most active force in re-establishing civilization amidst the savage world. Like missionaries in a desolate country, they are the foremost forgers of new paths, communities, and establishments. Their purpose now is to bring humanity under their fold once more, aiding them with knowledge, skill, and at times just plain muscle in warding off evil spirits, corrupted monsters and other terrible atrocities that arise from the devastated earth.

Practical Applications to Characters

Warders are the most humanized of the Garou, and so they often take up the task of teaching humanity to the world’s creatures; in a world where everything is pretty much fend for yourselves and take what you can, they reach out and help guide the people into a more civilized tone of living. They encourage communities to form, to work as a team, and rebuild.

For more information, see Warders of Men.

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