Character Generation

During chargen, you get 1 Moon Gift, 1 Wolf Gift, and 2 Shadow Gifts from categories allowed by your tribe. If you have two dots in your auspice renown, instead of a Wolf Gift, you receive the second dot in your Moon Gift. You must have the requisite Renown for any Gift you choose.

If you wish to purchase extra gifts at character generation, you have 10 experience points to spend.


Wolf Gift 1 per Gift
First Affinity Gift 3 per Gift
First Non-Affinity Gift 5 per Gift
Additional Gifts 2 per Gift
  • An Affinity Gift is a Gift in any category your tribe or auspice specializes in. All other Gifts are Non-Affinity Gifts.
  • Once you've purchased your first Gift in a category at maximum cost, you've "unlocked" that category and all additional Gifts in that category are only 2 XP per Gift.
  • Moon Gifts are automatically advanced to the next dot when you earn that dot in Renown. Each new Renown dot is 3 XP.
  • When you increase your Renown, you get a free Shadow or Wolf gift of that Renown type from any category you've unlocked.

Moon Gifts

Gifts of the New Moon
Gifts of the Sickle Moon
Gifts of the Half Moon
Gifts of the Gibbous Moon
Gifts of the Full Moon

Shadow Gifts

Gift of Death
Gifts of Dominance
Gifts of Dream
Gift of the Elementals
Gift of Evasion
Gift of Insight
Gift of Inspiration
Gift of Knowledge
Gift of Nature
Gift of Rage
Gift of Shaping
Gift of Stealth
Gift of Strength
Gift of Technology
Gift of Warding
Gift of Weather

Wolf Gifts

Gifts of Sensing
Gifts of Change
Gifts of Hunting
Gifts of Pack

Needs Editing

Badly categorized gifts

oWoD Wishlist

  • Bury the Wolf
  • Rat Head
  • Shed
  • Mental Speech
  • Totem Gift
  • Axis Mundi
  • Monkey Tail
  • Open Seal
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