Your parents were a kinfolk and a Garou. You grew up among humans and learned how to live in their society. Yet something always set you apart.

Other kids reacted unconsciously to the predator within you, and to the vicious temper that you couldn’t always keep under control. Strange dreams marked your childhood, and as you grew you remembered more and more of them — dreams of the moon, of the taste of blood, of the smell of war. Maybe they found you before your Change, maybe after, but now there’s no going back. You are what you are — you’re as much wolf as human now.

Homid characters have no limits on what Skills they may purchase during character creation. They have plenty of experience with the abstract thought that’s newer to their lupus cousins, and they usually grow up surrounded by human technology. No werewolf is better able to deal with the many peculiarities of human society. The human-born advantages at navigating human society are balanced against weaker connections with the wolf and spirit portions of their nature. Homids are generally less intuitive and perceptive than lupus. They’re likely to rely on what they see and hear, rather than what they feel. Moreover, their innate spiritual connections are weaker. Humanity has simply grown apart from the spirit world.

Nicknames: Apes, Two-Legs, Monkeys
First Change: From age 12 - 60


None are closer to nature and the hidden face of Gaia than you are. You were born a precocious pup, already showing remarkable intelligence above that of your siblings. When the Change overcame you, and you discovered your true nature, the world itself became something you had never expected.

Lupus are quite capable of abstract thought, but much of their experience with the concepts governed by such thought comes after the First Change. They pick up the basics of Garou speech very quickly, and the basics of human languages with surprising speed, but the small nuances and connotations frequently elude them. They are accustomed to the socialization of a pack, not of a greater society — which can be particularly problematic if they were raised in a traditional wolf pack, which is more of a nuclear family than anything else.

The advantages of the lupus are several — many of them spiritual. The wolf-born lack the spiritual disconnection that the homids have gradually developed. They have a knack for mastering the animistic rituals of the Garou, as they are closer to “spirit logic” than the more educated reasoning of humankind. However, lupus characters have little opportunity to learn many useful skills from the human world before their First Change, and are therefore limited during character creation regarding the Skills they can purchase.

Nicknames: Ferals, Four-legs, Fleabiters
First Change: From age 2 - 10
Restricted Abilities: Beginning lupus characters will need to provide significant support for their character having dots in these skills at chargen: Skills: Academics, Computer, Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Larceny, Politics, Science, Streetwise


Those of you familiar with oWoD will notice that there is no Metis. We have removed them from Second City for two reasons: for one, making them fit the 2e system was difficult, and for another, the drama associated with charach can be pervasive and frustrating. Especially when most games have a profusion of Garou and not many kin, the barrier to romantic entanglement is more frustrating than enjoyable. So the first law of the Litany has been abolished and Garou are able to mate freely.

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