Tallulah / "Lulu"
the Lost Cub Homid Galliard
Played by: Zoey Deutch
Virtue: Protective of All Life
Vice: Hiding away
Birthday: September 12th, 2725
Apparent Age: Early 20's
Occuption: ???
Faction: Nightstars
Attributes Renown
Mental Physical Social Cunning 0
Intelligence 3 Strength 3 Presence 3 Wisdom 0
Wits 3 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1 Honor 0
Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 2 Glory 2
Skills Purity 1
Mental Physical Social
-3 Unskilled -1 Unskilled -1 Unskilled Advantages
Academics 1 Athletics 1 Animal Ken 0 Size 5
Computer 0 Brawl 3 Empathy 3 Health1 8
Crafts 1 Drive 0 Expression 4 Defense 3
Investigation 0 Firearms 0 Intimidation 3 Willpower 5
Medicine 1 Larceny 0 Persuasion 2 Initiative 6
Occult 0 Stealth 0 Socialize 0 Speed 10
Politics 0 Survival 3 Streetwise 0 Primal Urge 1
Science 1 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 0 Default Harmony 7

Skill Specialties

Brawl: Tearing shit apart in Crinos
Empathy: Calming
Intimidation: Violence

XP Spends

3 XP -> +1 Purity Renown, Father's Form gift
4 XP -> +1 Stamina
3 XP -> Relentless Assault, 3
0 XP -> +1 Totem (free)


Tallulah has no memory of anything past a month or so ago, when she came to rummaging in the trash as a lupus. She has no idea that she's a werewolf, no idea that she can change out of her wolf form, no idea about anything except that she likes people, likes food, and likes being warm and safe, and doesn't like violence.

Alternate Identity

Unbeknownst to her, there are those familiar with her role as the Closer of the Nightstars. Rather than a productive member of the gang, she was more like Nepheline's pet monster, controlled and manipulated into being the threat she holds over others' heads. Few have seen her in homid, but those with high-level dealings with Nightstars are likely familiar with the hulking visage of her hispo or crinos forms, or the senseless bloody violence she perpetuated.


She has a few contacts in the Nightstars who can be intimidated or cajoled into giving information … if she ever figures out who they are.

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